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소원이 있나요

my wish is special

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26 December
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I'm just an ordinary girl holding Sapphire Blue baloon ♥

* Name: Dariya
* Korean name: Park Dami (박다미)
* Age: 20, born 1988.12.26 (88라인)
* Country: Russia, live in small city named Penza
* Occupation: currently study Economics and Management at Penza State University

My hobbies are singing, dancing, listening to music, drawing, watching dramas & movies, talking with people on the net, collecting stuff with my favorite artists & learning languages - English, Japanese, Korean.

Now I just can't live without 13 amazing boys, Super Junior!
I love all of the boys in my own way, but...
My heart belongs to Cho Kyuhyun

If you share the same interests as me, feel free to add me.
I'm always happy to meet new friends from all over the world!
Though I don't post on lj much, we still can communicate ^^

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