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my favorite ever

January 2010

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my favorite ever

All Super Junior MVs part 2 - in other artists' MVs & SMTOWN

After complete SJ discography I'm going to present to all of you comlete SJ clipography I've ever seen around!
All MVs were collected by me from different sources such as SJ communities@lj, 13MKHS, s-u-j-u.net, SJ-World.net etc. But majority of the files were converted to avi by me and I also tried to increase the quality of some of them. I spend a lot of time on it + renaming & uploading. So please respect my work, don't hotlink and credit if using. And find two seconds to say 'thank you', if you download something.
As promised, here we go with part 2!

Dana - What is love? feat. Siwon [2003]

CCSF - Hello Summer (feat. Ryeowook) [Chin Chin competition 2005]

CCSF - Hi Ya Ya ~Winter~ (feat. Kyuhyun) [Chin Chin competition 2006]

BoA - Key Of Heart feat. Donghae [2006]

CSJH The Grace - My Everything feat. Kibum [2006]

Magolpy - Flight Girl feat. Heechul, Kangin & Shindong [2007]

SNSD - Kissing You feat. Donghae [2007]

Ariel Lin - Fireflies feat. Siwon & Donghae [2009]

Ariel Lin - Fireflies Summer Story (Full Movie Version) feat. Siwon & Donghae [2009]

!! Caps that I made for Zhang Li Yin MVs were from engsubbed videos, but videos uploaded by me have NO SUBS !!

Jang Riin feat. Xiah Junsu - Timeless [2006]

Part 1 (Siwon)

Part 2 (Hankyung)

Zhang Li Yin - I WILL + The Left Shore of Happiness (Lovers) [2008]

Part 1 - I WILL

Part 2 - The Left Shore of Happiness (Lovers)

For movie, drama & CF's OSTs:

Jo Wonsun - Love Song feat. Siwon [2006] (from drama 18 vs 29)
Siwon played main character's young version

Lee Seung Hwan - Happily Ever After feat. Kangin [2008]

Medley feat. Don't Cry (Shindong raps + acts) [2008] (from drama Single Papa in Love)
Shindong not only acted in this drama, but rapped for one of the songs from OST

Clazziquai Project - Wizard of Oz feat. Kibum [2009] (from OZ CF)

Kyuhyun & Donghae feat. Han Jimin - Happy Bubble [2009] (from Happy Bath CF)

Happy Bubble (Kyuhyun Dance Ver.) [2009] (from Happy Bath CF)

Happy Bubble (Donghae Dance Ver.) [2009] (from Happy Bath CF)


Various Korean Artists - KoreArirang (World Cup Song)
feat. all Super Junior [2006]
Korean stars support soccer World Cup

Various Korean Artists - Take My Hand feat. Sungmin, Yesung, Eeteuk, Eunhyuk [2008]
Korean stars support SBS Hope TV 24 Hours

Various Chinese Artists - Beijing Welcomes You feat. Han Geng [2008]
Chinese stars support 2008 Beijing Olympics

SMTOWN Compillations

DBSK & Super Junior - Show Me Your Love [2005]
12 members (without Kyuhyun)

SMTOWN - Red Sun [2006]

SMTOWN - Snow Dream [2006]

SMTOWN - Let's Go On a trip! [2007]
12 members (without Kyuhyun)

SMTOWN - Only Love [2007]

SMTOWN (DBSK, SJ & SHINee) - Seaside (Boom Boom) [2009]

The end. If you see any mistakes, please say it. Oh, and if you love me for this & love SJ, feel free to friend me. I'll be happy to meet new people ^^;


thanks for uploading
you are so kind by having your time to do all this
thanks again
Thanks for some of these too. They're so adorkable. <333


Thanks for being so generous!!
Thanks for sharing.. :) Will be taking quite a few to fill in the missing pieces of my collection.. and now that you've compiled this, I realised there's a lot that needs filling!
Woosh~ thanks for all these videos :D
I'm taking the one from Single Papa~
woooow!!!!! thanx a million times for these :D much appreciated :)))
thanks once again! ^^
Thanks so much for uploading! It's so convenient to have everything all in one place :D
thank you for this! i really like how it's all in one place :) i'm having a super junior mv download frenzy thanks to you hehe

btw, the link for hangeng's version for timeless is linked to siwon's version too =P
Thank you so much! you are so great!
Thank you~! KYA~ -gives cookie-
Taking some!
Thanks so much for these!
thank you so much!!!!*hugs you*
Thanx a lot!!!!

I'm sooo going to upload them all on my ipod!

BTW, the Fireflies Summer Story [Full] link is the same as Kissing You.
wow thank you for this ♥
thank you! I'm taking the last file
thanks! you're so great!
thanks for these also...taking most of these also
Thanks again!!
o.o thank you so much for the summer sm town video <3 you are the best!
thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks ^____^
.taking some~ <3 thank you~
tnx.. taking some..
snagging the smtown - snow dream.
the mf links are so helpful.

ur compilation are greats especially toward the newer fan like me.

took several, thanks!

thank you so much

thank you so much for doing this.., there are a Lot of mv that suju featuring that I didn't know.. so thank you so much.. do u have the mv trax.. heechul featuring that mv.. just want to inform you in case you dun know :D thank you so much again
Thank you so much for this...
Being a 3 year-old fan and have not watched some of this MV makes me feel such a bad fan D:

Btw, just wanting to inform you that Hangkyung's version of timeless link is misplaced, you put The Shiwon version instead XD


Nice pages, BTW I just noticed there is no "SEOUL SONG" there... Maybe you should include it... It features some SUJU and SNSD members... Hope I helped... :D

AGAIN... Nice pages!!! :3