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my favorite ever

January 2010

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my favorite ever

All Super Junior MVs part 1 - main group & subgroups

After complete SJ discography I'm going to present to all of you comlete SJ clipography I've ever seen around!
All MVs were collected by me from different sources such as SJ communities@lj, 13MKHS, s-u-j-u.net, SJ-World.net etc. But majority of the files were converted to avi by me and I also tried to increase the quality of some of them. I spend a lot of time on it + renaming & uploading. So please respect my work, don't hotlink and credit if using. And find two seconds to say 'thank you', if you download something.

Super Junior

TWINS (Knock Out) [2005]
as SuperJunior05 (12 members)

Miracle [2006]
as SuperJunior05 (12 members)

U [2006]

Dancing Out [2006]

Haengbok (Full of Happiness) [2007]
12 members (without Kyuhyun)

Wonder Boy (Movie Ver.) | Wonder Boy [2007]
these 2 versions of the MV are different - first was cut from the actual movie
while the second was shown as promo and consist of making of clips
12 members (without Kyuhyun)

Don't Don [2007]

Don't Don (2nd Ver.) [2007]
MF - 01 | 02, join with HJ Split

Marry U [2007]

One Love (Live MV) [2008]

Marry U (Japanese Ver.) [2009]


SORRY, SORRY (Dance Ver.) [2009]

Neorago (It's You) (Leaked Ver.) [2009]

Neorago (It's You) (Official Dance Ver.) [2009]

Neorago (It's You) (Official Drama Ver.) [2009]

Neorago (It's You) (Dance Only Ver.) [2009]

Super Junior K.R.Y.

The One I Love
(song from Hyena OST) [2006]

Just You
(song from Billie Jean, Look At Me OST) [2007]
unfortunately, boys didn't appear in MV

Dream of Being a Hero
(song from Partner OST) [2009]
unfortunately, boys didn't appear in MV

Super Junior T

Rokkuko [2007]

ROCK&GO (feat. Moeyan) [2008]

 Super Junior M

U [2008]


Me (Korean Ver.) [2008]
not only the language, but the video is different in this MV

Super Junior Happy

Cooking? Cooking!

Pajama Party

unofficial MVs that were shown on Super Junior Show. both clips without Kyuhyun
Miracle (Super Junior Show Ver.) [2006]


You are the one (from Super Junior Show) [2006]

Super Junior T - Don't Go Away (from Idol World) [2006]

Super Junior - H.I.T. [2007]
song for drama H.I.T., Donghae, Yesung, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun & Kangin took part in the recording
but unfortunately, boys didn't appear in MV

Can it be love (feat. Heechul & Kibum) [2006] (from drama Rainbow Romance)
Heechul & Kibum took part in the recording of the song, but weren't starred in the MV

Yesung & Sungmin - Jigeum Mannareo Gayo (song from Sang Geun's Wish album) [2009]
MV was filmed only for verse 1 and chorus

Kyuhyun - 7 Years' Love [2009]
unfortunately, Kyuhyun isn't in this MV. it's starring actress Choi Cheong Yoon


Part 2 will be up tomorrow, I promise! ^^


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Thanks. Snagged some of the videos I didn't have. (or rather, getting them as we speak *grins*)


I couldn't thank you enough for sharing! Might download everything LOL. Thanks again!!
omg thank you so much!!! ♥
Wow thanks so much for this. My computer was reformatted due to a virus and the back up disc i made for my mvs came out blank :( but its good to know i can come here to get back the super junior mvs im now missing. Thanks so much!!!
Thank you sooo much!!! ^^ I'm takinG/took some~ Thanks for compiling and sharing! :)
Thank you so much for sharing all this work! :D
Thank you so much for sharing! I'll be taking some of the ones I didn't have. ♥

But I think there's just one thing.. the link for Suju T's "Don't Go Away" might be incorrect? For me, it links to "You are the one". ^^; Just a minor thing!
YES! Just what I've been looking for. Thank you so much for sharing! :D
thanks for sharing ^_^

the link for Yesung & Sungmin - Jigeum Mannareo Gayo doesn't work?
me too :|
Thank you for this~! -Gives cookie-
Thank you sooo much for sharing XD
WOW. Thanks very much for sharing! =)
nice compilation!!!
amazing, downloaded all the ones I love <3 THANK YOU
thank you for this awesome compilation, but the HIT link didn't work for me...
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